When is it better to install plaster walls instead of drywalls, or vice versa?


When comparing the pros and cons of plaster walls vs drywalls it is important to consider what it is you are looking for in an end product. Here we will look at whether you are intending to install them yourself or get professional help, the cost of each and the quality when finished.


So which is easier to install D.I.Y? Firstly, plaster walls require specialist skills, making it a lot more of a physical challenge, there is a reason why it is considered a craft – you will need to know how to apply the plaster. This takes years of experience and expertise to master for professionals, so for D.I.Y amateurs, it would be quite a challenge to attempt. In comparison to this, drywall is not as complicated as plaster walls as it requires more tape and nails than skills, and the boards can be purchased in advance, it is generally the case that drywall installation can be completed in a much shorter amount of time. Be careful when carrying out the work on your own, since the complex nature of plastering completing the work yourself can lead to you requiring plaster repairs, which obviously adds to the overall cost.

The Cost
There is a real difference in the cost, drywall being the significantly cheaper option, costing $1.50 per sq foot, and $40-$65 for each panel. This does not include installation costs and the cost will fluctuate depending on the size of your project. With plaster walls, a rough idea before labor cost would be $8-$16 per sq meter. Whilst applying new plaster to walls, price for a medium room could be around $950, but each project is different so call a professional Melbourne plasterer for a quote.

The Quality
This is another big difference, many people would agree the finish of a plaster wall to be high-end. The texture of the wall and general aura of your home is different with a plaster finish. Plaster is also more durable, which is good for families if your children like to run around the place and literally bounce off the walls! The lack of insulation can be an issue for some when considering energy bills throughout the colder months, but this can be countered by the fact that it is a better sound proofed option of the two, since drywall is a much thinner option.

Other things to Consider when installing partition walls
Drywall has the extra inconvenience of dust ending up all over the place from sanding and finishing. However, plaster over time is susceptible to cracking, which requires a small bit of basic D.I.Y skills to maintain, this should also not be a problem for many years.

To conclude, if you are on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend, drywall is your best option, even for a smaller project like a partition wall. You can keep the costs down even further with a bit of D.I.Y efforts. If you are looking for quality and don’t mind spending a little more for a plasterer help then plaster is the more sturdy and quality option.

Home Plastering Needs and Making Sure Your Money is Well Spent!

When you’re looking for a plasterer in Melbourne, there’s nothing worse than someone who charges an arm and a leg for a sub-standard result.

Knowing where to go when you’re looking for a plastering company can be tricky, but that’s where we come in! Our Melbourne plastering team at MMP (Melbourne Metro Plastering) can help with all your plastering needs completed to a high standard without spending an arm and a leg.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home, are building your own home or are after a few repairs and patching here and there, you need a reliable and reasonable plasterer. On the residential side of things, we provide a variety of plastering services from renovations and extensions to suspended ceilings and archways. We cover a wide range of offerings, completing work to the highest possible standard – we take pride in our work!

Suspended ceilings are becoming more popular in modern homes as it offers extra ventilation and the opportunity to cover up wires, pipes and beams. Although suspended ceilings are fairly easy to install and are very versatile, there’s no point in installing one if it’s not going to look nice!

Making sure the plastering of a suspended ceiling matches the rest of your house can reduce the impact of having a lowered ceiling in certain rooms.

Benefits of Installing Archway and Ceiling Roses in your home

Open plan houses are increasingly popular and people are more commonly knocking walls through to enhance the space that they have. Although this is a simple solution to opening up the space available, keeping higher levels sturdy is of the upmost importance.

A great way of keeping this stability is through using an archway which helps to keep a nice flow in an area without separating it into different rooms. If you do decide to put an archway in you’ll want to make sure that it is finished to a high standard so that it feels natural in an area and fits well with your partition walls.

Ceiling roses are intricate and stunning pieces of plastering that add features to your ceiling. Subtle detail is used to ensure that these beautiful pieces of artwork can be incorporated into a room without detracting from anything. For a more traditional feel and homely effect, consider adding ceiling roses around your overhead lighting to make a bold statement about the room you’re in.

When you’ve paid an arm and a leg to extend your house so you’ve got that extra bathroom and a larger kitchen, the last thing you need is for the finishing touches to be subpar. Knowing how to do fancy detailing and intricate work is all important for a Melbourne plasterer, but there is nothing more important than getting a wall as smooth as glass.

Here at Melbourne Metro Plastering (MMP) we offer everything you could possibly need from a professional plasterer. We will cover everything you need doing in a home, and no job is too big or too small for us to take on.